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Traces project is an experimental collaboration between two sisters, Helen Sirp and Sandra Sirp, touching upon the same topic, whilst interpreting it in their own characteristic medium. The end result is a conceptual dialogue between paintings and photographs, allowing the works to develop new meanings within a site specific installation – a curated journey through the translucent layers of time.

Helen Sirp (b 1983) is a London based freelance creative/art director and set designer. She graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Arts in 2013 after completing her MA in Creation of Narrative Environments. She previously studied art and design in Estonian Academy of Arts as well as United Nations International School in NYC. She has worked in the design and fashion industries internationally over 10 years, focusing on the design and concepts for various exhibitions, events, installations, branded content, campaigns and editorials for photography and film. Her signature work uses narrative in a minimalistic and often surreal way, always telling a story in space using different mediums, objects, sound and light.

Sandra Sirp (b 1988) graduated from Tallinn University Art Department in Art Education BA (2012), followed by Estonian Academy of Arts BA in Media Graphics (2017). A defining time for developing her work was the year 2015/2016, which she spent studying illustration and painting in University of Porto Faculty of Fine Arts. Currently she started Art Teacher MA studies in Tallinn University and Estonian Academy of Arts and is working at a museum as an art and design education coordinator/educator, freelancing as a graphic designer and a visual artist. She has been a part of group shows dating back to 2008, her first solo exhibition taking place in 2016. As an artist she expresses herself through a minimalist visual language, where process plays an important part. The subject of her work is mostly focused on the inner landscapes and studies of the self – personal discoveries, journeys, feelings, thoughts and reflections.